Best. Network. Name. Ever

Thu, Dec 18, 2008

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Check out what this guy calls his wireless network.  It’s so devious that it borders on classy.  Well, maybe not, but it’s still hilarious.

via Macenstein


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  1. thekells Says:

    so true!

  2. Steve Says:

    My network name is better!



  3. Nick Chandler Says:

    Since I’m self employed and my neighbors hate me anyways I prefer to bait them with “I am a drug dealer”

    used to be “drug dealer next door”

    All in good fun

  4. James King Says:

    Better than “Rapist”

  5. Serialmc Says:

    “You are now connected to:”MyBallsYourChin”

  6. Anonymous Says:

    Best I’ve seen was “Can I See Your Vajayjay?”

  7. Alisha Says:

    I still like “Deliver Beer to Apt. 6”

  8. Anonymous Says:

    hahaha those are all funny, but my network name is “Mike Hunt” Go ahead, say it outloud.

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