Psystar disses Apple, then plays dumb

Thu, Dec 18, 2008

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Psystar recently filed a lengthy, and somewhat contradictory, response to Apple’s allegations that it’s illegally selling hardware running OS X.  If you recall, Apple initially sued Psystar for illegally selling copies of Leopard installed on their own hardware. In response, Psystar initiated a counterclaim where it accused Apple of having a monopoly in the OS X market and violating anti-trust laws.  The court threw out Psystar’s counterclaim, so Psystar scrambled to come up with another defense.  We’ll have an in-depth analysis of their response tomorrow, but until then, we found the following denial from Psystar pretty amusing.

It’s funny that Psystar would make a specific point to deny that Apple was a “pioneer of the personal computer revolution.”  I wonder what’s next. Maybe they’ll call Woz a nerd and make fun of Jobs for wearing glasses.

But the fun doesn’t end there.  In another portion of the response, Psystar tries playing dumb and asserts that it’s not quite sure what “Apple-labeled hardware” refers to.

The lawyers Psystar hired aren’t dumb, so why are they acting oblivious to a fact that’s essentially the basis for the legal action against them?


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  1. dizzle Says:

    The review I had done of the sloppiness of their pleading might be of use to you:

    The two above are pretty bad howlers, but the best is that they spelled “Mac” as “Max” in several places after it had already been pointed out nearly two months ago.

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