Breaking down the competing App Stores: Google vs. Apple vs. Palm

Sat, Dec 20, 2008


Wired has an informative article that breaks down each of the various app stores used by Apple, Android, and Palm.  One point that struck a chord was that it seems that Google, in their zeal to make the Android marketplace as open as possible, has instead created a free-for-all type of system that developers and users might have a hard time figuring out.

There’s also no revenue split with Google, which created the Android operating system, and that means developers get to keep everything they might earn from selling their apps. Unfortunately, there’s also no payment system, which means developers are on their own when it comes to trying to make some money from their apps.

There has to be at least a minimal amount of balance, and it seems that Google, by simply letting any and everything into the marketplace, is sacrificing security and quality in order to play catchup with iTunes.

In any event, the article is worth a read, and can be found over here.


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