‘Wired’ writes a vapid article about Steve Jobs stepping down from Macworld

Sat, Dec 20, 2008


Brian Chen of Wired recently wrote an absurdly alarmist and strikingly unthoughtful article about Steve Jobs’ absence from Macworld.  I don’t normally call out writers I disagree with because we’re all entitled to our opinions.  But when a big time writer for a site like Wired haphazardly throws together an article that lacks any semblance of intelligent thought, and was seemingly put together to either meet a deadline or to generate pageviews, then hey, you gotta call em’ like you see em’.  One of the most glaring absurdities is the following quote;

Several Apple employees contacted by Wired.com have reported that they haven’t seen Jobs since the company announced the CEO would not appear for a Macworld keynote. Jobs generally isn’t very visible in public, but the employees said they haven’t seen him on campus recently, either

So let’s see here.  Apple announces on Tuesday that Steve Jobs won’t be delivering the keynote at Macworld.  Then Wired contacts a few Apple employees on Thursday, and they mention that they haven’t seen Jobs around the Apple campus for what can at the most only be two days.  Is this journalism?  Is this what tech reporting has sunk to?

Chen goes on to report how Jobs will be transitioned out of his position as CEO of Apple and a whole lot of other nonsense that isn’t backed up with any evidence or analytical thought.  You can check out the article over here, but be warned, you might want a few minutes of your life back!


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