Possible iPhone Nano Renderings?

Tue, Dec 23, 2008

News, Rumors

There sure is a lot of iPhone Nano news coming down the pipeline these days.  Most recently,  someone just submitted (anonymously, of course) the above photo to MacRumors.

Could this really be the much talked about, yet never before seen iPhone Nano?  Does it really exist?!  Well, we wouldn’t count on it.  While a smaller and cheaper version of the iPhone would be appealing to some, we’d imagine that price conscious consumers who stray away from the current iPhone wouldn’t be so quick to hop on board the iPhone Nano train given its expensive data plan.  Then again, would this mythical iPhone Nano have a cheaper data plan?

In the end, we won’t believe an iPhone Nano exists until it’s officially announced.  Until then, I’ll keep saving up for that Apple netbook.



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