Misreporting the Apple/Psystar case

Fri, Dec 26, 2008

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Dizzle over at WorldofApple has an interesting look at how some of the bigger Tech reporting websites simply don’t do their homework when it comes to the Apple/Psystar case.  The root of the problem is that it only takes one website to make an erroneous statement for it to be picked up by a bevy of other sites.  That, in part, is also the cause for all those wild Apple rumors that seemingly sprout up out of nowhere on a weekly basis.

When it comes to legal reporting, the problem is even worse.  Websites often take a tidbit from a news story and proceed to run with it in a completely wrong direction.  I’m not sure if this is because some think it takes too much work to actually read the relevant legal documents, or perhaps, maybe the legalese can be overwhelming.

In any event, WorldofApple consistently does a great and honest job of breaking down and analyzing Apple related litigation.  As such, they are particularly peeved when other, bigger sites spew out nonsense.  That said, WorldofApple has taken some of these sites to task for their shoddy articles.

Check it out over here.



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  1. dizzle Says:

    Thank you very much for the compliments. I work very hard on my Psystar research, and it is nice to be recognized, thank you sincerely. Once again, I offer my email address for any site that wants to run anything by me for verification since I do read the filings. Apple is a community, and I am glad to help to keep our reporting to a standard of excellence.

    My personal email is idrankthekoolaid at mac dot com. I can also be reached at dizzle at worldofapple dot com.

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