Rumor: Turn your Mac into an Apple TV?

Mon, Dec 29, 2008

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MacDailynews, citing an anonymous source, is reporting that Apple might be planning to allow users to download Apple TV software right to their Macs, turning every computer into a potential Apple TV.

We’ve heard through the grapevine that Apple is considering releasing the Apple TV software as a separate box / download purchase.

Take any Mac, install the Apple TV software on it, and “Boom!” – you have an Apple TV.

We heard a range of prices: Free – US$99.

Our grapevine also says to prepare for the Apple TV to be opened up to a special gaming section of the App Store, where multiplayers can use their iPhones and iPod touches as controllers.

While certainly an intriguing idea, there would still need to be some sort of hardwire way for the computer and TV to communicate, which would negate any advantages that a software version of Apple TV would bring (namely not having to go out and buy a separate box, and a wireless setup).  One way around it?  Perhaps, this is where the supposed Apple branded HD TV comes into play.  Apple certainly is consumer electronics company now, but getting into the low margin high-competition HD TV market doesn’t seem like something like Apple would do.  Besides, Apple prides itself on creating premium products, and Samsung and Sony already have that segment of the HD TV market on lockdown.

So, any truth to this Apple TV software rumor?  Probably none at all.


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