Rumor: Steve Jobs’ declining health one of the reasons Apple pulled out of MacWorld? We call B.S

Tue, Dec 30, 2008

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Normally we don’t publish sensationalist rumors about the health of Steve Jobs, but Gizmodo is reporting that one of their solid sources has told them that Apple hasn’t been 100% forthcoming as to why Jobs isn’t speaking at the keynote this year.

Steves health is rapidly declining. Apple is choosing to remove the hype factor strategically vs letting the hype destroy apple when the inevitable news comes later this spring.

This strategic loss will be less of a bang with investors. This is why MacWorld is a no-go anymore. No more Steve means no more hype. Saying they are no longer needing [MacWorld] is the cover designed by the worldwide “loyalty” department.

Intriguing, but we’re calling B.S on this one. 

Gizmodo notes that the source of this rumor has a 100% track record when it comes to finding photos of not-yet-released and upcoming Apple products.  But there’s a big difference between being able to snag a quick snapshot of a new product, and being privy to the real reasons as to why Apple is leaving Macworld and why Steve Jobs isn’t speaking at the keynote. 

It’s also important to note that Gizmodo doesn’t indicate whether or not their source (which they affectionately call Deep Throat) works at Apple or not.  Unless explicitly stated otherwise, we’ll have to assume that he/she doesn’t, which further lends an air of doubt to this rumor.  And even if we assume that this source does work at Apple, anyone who’s made it into Apple’s inner circle, and into the Apple ‘brain trust’, would never start giving Gizmodo, of all sites, the inside scoop on the health of Steve Jobs.

Apple has stated repeatedly that Steve Jobs would step down when he was no longer able to run the company.  And as has been explained to death, Apple doesn’t need Macworld to create hype.  They routinely put on their own special events and don’t need Macworld’s assistance in that regard.

Long story short,  another rumor bites the dust.



2 Comments For This Post

  1. rattyuk Says:

    Bullshit or not – it has had the effect of driving the stock down on an up day (for the stock – it was doing fine until Gizmodo printed the runor). I wish there was some way of finding out who profits from these sick rumors and punish them. If this proves false then Jesus Diaz should be taken to court for stock manipulation.

  2. Anona Says:

    “Jesus Diaz should be taken to court for stock manipulation”

    Jesus Diaz can at best be a tool. He’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer. Just Google his pathetic history of befuddlement and miserable record of predictions in forums like Mac OS X Talk in the past.

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