What it’s like to work at Apple

Fri, Jan 2, 2009


A great piece from the Guardian today by former and longtime Apple employee Chuq von Rospach about his 17 years working in Cupertino.

A rational explanation for Apple leaving Macworld:

The fact is, MacWorld causes all sorts of problems for Apple’s workers, and is an expensive proposition for the company to be ready for. It usually meant a bunch of people had to work through the Christmas break to make deadlines, and then get compensatory time later. It’s terribly timed to Apple’s sales cycle: right after the holiday buying season. Who really wants to announce new stuff then? It tended to force products out on a schedule Apple couldn’t affect, so sometimes products missed the deadlines and had to wait for another opportunity like WWDC, or it was pushed out the door early. Early on, Apple needed Macworld and the hype to generate interest and excitement, but it’s been pulling back from it for about five years, moving introductions to other venues or to special events – or in many cases, just issuing press releases.

And what’s it like working under Steve Jobs?

I never had Steve’s flamethrower aimed at me, although I came close a couple of times; all in all, I was close to getting my butt fired three times – and all three times, I probably would have deserved it. I do know friends who did. It wasn’t always pleasant – but one thing I give Steve credit for is he held himself to the same high standards he held those around him. He is a perfectionist, and that’s what makes him successful and what made Apple succeed. But that kind of perfectionism isn’t easy, and isn’t done with gentle criticism.

Apple is a place where you work hard, but you get rewarded, and you help create things that are special. I found being part of something that was able and willing to fight to change society a real adrenalin rush. Seeing people react to what we did was even more of one.

Check out the full article over here.  It’s a great read, and highly recommended for anyone interested in getting a peek inside life at Apple.


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