Pre Macworld Rumor Roundup: iTunes to go DRM Free? iPhone Tethering?

Tue, Jan 6, 2009

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CNET is reporting that Apple has struck a deal with Sony, Warner, and Universal to add DRM-free tracks from their catalogues to iTunes.  Currently, EMI is the only major record label that offers DRM free songs on the iTunes Store – those songs cost $1.29 and are available via iTunes Plus.  According to the report, Apple in exchange has finally agreed to experiment with varied pricing within iTunes.  It remains to be seen just how flexible Apple will be in that regard and what new pricing scheme, if any, will be announced tomorrow.

It is also rumored that Apple and the major music labels have struck a deal that will iPhone users to download songs via 3G networks.  Currently, iPhone users can only download songs when connected to a wi-fi network.

TUAW is also speculating that Apple will finally make tethering an official option for iPhone users.  Though details are unconfirmed, reports suggest a 5GB bandwidth cap for 30 bucks a month.


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