What’s behind a Phil Schiller keynote? Joy of Tech fills us in…

Tue, Jan 6, 2009


Check out this great piece of satire by the talented folks over at JoyOfTech which gives us a sneak peek at what’s going on behind the scenes in preparation for Phil Schiller’s upcoming keynote.  You gotta love Jobs sitting on a throne below the mainstage as lions circle around.  Also great is the hell that awaits those who reveal Apple’s ever so precious secrets, and those inflatable audience members to “boost” attendance.

UPDATE: We’ve been getting some digg traffic and some comments accusing us of copying/pasting and digging.  We posted this picture because we thought it was hilarious, and did not submit it to digg or do anything to promote/advertise it.  We made it clear numerous times that JoyofTech was the author and did in no way intend to pass this off as an EdibleApple creation.


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4 Comments For This Post

  1. Andrew Zarb Says:

    Perhaps you mean throne?

  2. baf Says:

    Nice theft. How long did it take you to copy-paste this and submit it to Digg? 2 minutes? Die.

  3. Television Spy Says:

    Not sure that’s the best seat in the house, I’d say the time machine is – as for those killer tomatoes they were last seen running amok in New York City in the mid 1990s.

    Present date location: UNKNOWN, introducing the iTomato (tomatoes a fruit too)

  4. XK140 Says:

    this post was just great haha. I love the trap door and cone of silence

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