Will the new MacBook Pro’s lack a removable battery, and does it even matter?

Tue, Jan 6, 2009

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There were initial reports indicating that a unibody 17 inch Macbook pro with a non-removable battery would be announced at Macworld.  Now those same sources indicate that that might not be the case.  I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, but in the meantime, Chuqui 3.0 has an interesting take for anyone concerned about the potential lack of a removable battery in Apple’s top of the line MacBook Pro model.

How many Mac Laptop owners ever swap a battery? How many own two batteries? I used to religiously carry a second laptop battery; I finally realized that I was using it maybe once a quarter (even though I also religiously swapped batteries every couple of weeks so they both stayed charged and fresh. do you? No, didn’t think so).

I’d be amazed if 10% of Apple Laptop owners own a second battery. I’d be amazed if half the users who own second batteries use both batteries more than occasionally.

Making a battery replaceable has costs; it complicates the engineering, it adds components and connectors — things that can fail. It changes rigidity of the unit. All in all, it makes the device both more expensive and more prone to failures. How can those things be good things?

Answer: they can’t, especially when (pick a really conservative number!) 75% of the owners never use the feature and can’t benefit from it.

Good points.

You can check out the full post over here.


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