Greenpeace still at odds with Apple

Thu, Jan 8, 2009


While Apple was touting its eco-friendly MacBook Pro this past Tuesday, the folks over at Greenpeace weren’t having any of it.  Techradar reports that Greenpeace still isn’t completely satisfied with Apple’s green initiatives.  So what’s bugging Greenpeace now?  Well, Steve Jobs promised in 2007 that all Apple products would be PVC and BFR free by the end 2008.  “What’s PVC and BFR” you ask?  Well, I’m not exactly sure, but they’re apparently toxic chemicals (shocker!), and you can read more about them over here.

In any event, Greenpeace is pissed that the new MacBook Pro introduced by Apple has reduced amounts of PVC and BFR, and that the chemicals haven’t been eliminated by Apple entirely.

Well, if it makes Greenpeace feel any better, initial reports had Apple introducing its newest MacBook Pro 17 inch model back in October, but due to some hardware glitches, it’s release was pushed back to 2009.  So with that in mind, maybe Apple should get a pass since it was actually scheduled to be released in 2008?

But what about the dangers of PVC and BFR?!  Well, other computer manufacturer’s have pledged to get rid of them by the end of 2009, so expect Apple to do the same.


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