If you thought the Macworld Keynote was boring….

Fri, Jan 9, 2009


If you thought Apple’s keynote this week was boring, I highly advise you not to watch Microsofts presentations at CES.  This isn’t a swipe at Microsoft, but rather intended to show that the vast majority of presentations by tech companies aren’t terribly exciting.  Yet for some reason, Apple is held to some impossible to reach standard for each and every presentation they do.  And to be honest, if you look back at all of Steve Jobs’ keynotes over the years, you’ll find that his exciting iPhone introduction was the exception, and not the rule.


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  1. Andy Lee Says:

    Good God. People *pay* to sit through that? And then they mock Apple fans for standing in line to watch Steve?

    This drills home something the Macalope said: “Has anyone watched CEOs from other companies? They’d be lucky to have their keynotes delivered by Schiller, let alone Jobs.”


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