iPhone and iPod Touch web marketshare surges

Sat, Jan 10, 2009

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New data released by AdMob shows that the number of people using an iPhone or iPod Touch to connect to the internet is growing at an impressive rate.  AdMob, which runs an ad network for mobile websites, compiled the following data in December 2008.

Smartphones Worldwide

Worldwide, the #1 source of smartphone web requests to mobile websites came from devices running the Symbian OS, which all together comprised 41% of all requests.  The iPhone followed closely behind with a 32% share, ahead of Windows Mobile and RIM devices which had a combined share of 19%.

Smartphones in the U.S

In the US, however, 48% of all smartphone web requests come from the iPhone, while Windows and RIM devices together copmrised 34% of mobile web requests.

Mobile Devices Worldwide

When you break it down by manufacturer, 29% of all worldwide mobile web requests come from Nokia devices, while 15.5% come from Apple devices (iPhone + iPod Touch).  Apple, however, was the only manufacturer to experience an increase in webshare month to month.

When you break it down by handset, however, the iPhone and iPod Touch occupy the top spots, coming in at 10.8% and 4.7% respectively.  Nokia has so many different types of devices that it was able to cumaltively achieve a 29% share, but its top handset model, the N70, came in fourth with a 2.4% mobile web presence

Mobile Devices in the US

In the US, though, Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch comprise 23.3% of all web requests, putting it in first place.  In second place are Motorola devices which constitute 21.6% of web equests.

One of the more startling pieces of data is that web requests from the iPod Touch doubled on Christmas day.  The sudden surge vaulted the iPod Touch into the number 2 position in web presence for all devices, only trailing the iPhone.


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