Apple-centric exhibits at CES 2010 Confirmed

Sun, Jan 11, 2009


While there still hasn’t been any official confirmation from Apple or anyone else regarding Apple attending CES 2010, CNET is reporting that the Consumer Electronics Association (CEA) has in fact confirmed that there will be a Mac themed exhibit at CES 2010 for Apple-centric manufacturers.

A spokesman for CEA however wasn’t willing to go so far as to confirm Apple’s participation in the event itself, but this adds further credence to the rumor that Apple is planning to officially participate in CES ’10.

If true, this would be a surprising development considering Apple’s official reasons for leaving Macworld, namely the fact that introducing flashy new products on someone else’s schedule didn’t mesh well with their product cycles, and that the popularity and abundance of Apple Stores had essentially made Macworld obsolete.

It will be interesting to see how this will end up affecting Macworld, which has promised to soldier on despite Apple’s decision to pull out. But with CES and Macworld scheduled for the same week next year, it remains to be seen how Apple related manufacturers will decide on where to go.



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