The Most Expensive iPhone Apps (worth paying for)

Mon, Jan 19, 2009

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This list first started as a compilation of the most expensive iPhone Applications, but we soon found (not surprisingly) that there was quite a bit of crapware priced at well over $100. These highly priced apps typically had 1 star reviews (if any), and often offered functionality about as complex as a stopwatch or a guitar tuner. So we decided to raise the bar a bit, and instead, have only listed apps that people would actually be willing to pay for. Apps with abysmal reviews didn’t make the cut, and we didn’t list separate titles from the same publisher in order to show a diverse grouping of apps. So without further adieu, the most expensive iPhone Apps that aren’t complete ripoffs.

1. iRa Pro ($899.99) – Hot damn! This app is 900 bucks and it doesn’t even tell you how rich you are. But it does provide you with “touch based viewing and control of IP based video surveillance.” Essentially, you can use this app to tap into any surveillance cameras you have set up and running from anywhere in the world. Though clearly not a consumer app, it seems pretty cool if high-end security is your thing, or if your name is Jason Bourne.

2. MATG Dynamics GP ($499.99) – MATG stands for My Accounts To Go, and this is basically a finance and accounting app geared towards corporate executives and sales reps. If wirelessly syncing into your firms corporate database for warehouse information, sales orders, inventory information, and accounts receivable statements is a necessity, then this app might be for you. Before you plop down 500 bucks, keep in mind that this app requires the “cooperation of your IT Department for installation and maintenance.”

3. Lexi-COMPLETE ($299) – This is a comprehensive reference database for medical professionals. The software provides users with detailed information about drugs, diseases, lab and diagnostic procedures, poisoning and toxicology, disease management, and a wide variety of other topics that a Physician might need to reference on the spot.

4. iChart EMR ($139.99) – Yet another medical app. EMR stands for ‘electronic medical record’, and as the name suggests, this application allows physicians to track and manage patients right from their iPhone or iPod Touch. Physicians can even wirelessly write prescriptions and sync relevant data back up to online databases. Initial reviews of this program complained of sluggishness and assortment of other bugs/problems. A recent update, however, seems to have fixed many of those problems.

5. Luminair ($99.99) – This is a professional app geared specifically towards A/V and theatre professionals. Luminair lets you control lighting fixtures and consoles straight from your iPhone or iPod Touch. If you’re working behind the scenes on a play, for example, you can use Luminair to control “stage lighting, special effects, and even fog machines.” The program also allows users to auto-save and auto-restore previous lighting settings for individual fixtures, or for entire production configurations.

6. ForeFlight: Aviation Weather, AF/D and Preflight Intelligence for Pilots ($74.99) – This app has garnered extremely positive reviews, and is geared towards pilots. It provides detailed information on weather, wind charts, hotels, flight plans, route charting, and diagrams for over 27,000 airports. The number of features are extensive (and somewhat foreign to non-pilots), so it’s no wonder its being touted as the best “pre-flight assistant” available.


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6 Comments For This Post

  1. Albert Says:

    These are all really cool but I doubt pilots would rely on an iPhone app for such important information when they already have a source that is probably much more reliable – a source where the information comes from reliable equipment… unless Foreflight is the company that originally makes these things =)

  2. mono Says:

    Wow! I didn’t even know there are apps so expensive! I would be quite ibtereates on learning about the other ones too though! The expensive useless ones! Just won some money on the lottery and don’t know where to spend it!

  3. Chirin Says:

    I actully own the. Ira pro one its pretty tight i recomend it

  4. p@r@noid Says:

    @ CHrin
    Paying this much amount…I have to think again

  5. Gabe Says:

    Ira pro is sickening..

    Almost one grand for a file that’s 347 kb……

    That’s just messed up.

  6. Marino Says:

    Who needs the Ira pro?
    It’s a joke.
    There are many security cameras that work as mini webservers and you can view their output with good ole web browser. They are called IP cameras and cost less than 300 bucks
    For example

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