Cool Apple Keyboard concept

Tue, Jan 20, 2009


Check out this interesting mockup of an Apple keyboard.

With an induction charge and sync holster on the right-hand side, you can charge your iPhone or iPod Touch without plugging in any wires. Also, note the programmable optimus like OLED keys whose function can be adjusted based on the particular application you’re running. This design is hypothetically priced at $79 bucks. Too much? Or worth it? Hit me up in the comments and share your thoughts.

via UberGizmo


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  1. Nikk Says:

    i’ve always wondered why apple haven’t turned the ipod/iphone into a trackpad – this keyboard would be a great way of implementing it… i thought the oled keys were hugely expensive… not sure how you would make it pay at that price. i’d probably be willing to sacrifice the oleds for a numeric keypad and ipod trackpad instead

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