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Wed, Jan 28, 2009


A few months ago, in September to be exact, there was a tiny bit of controversy regarding Apple’s decision not to accept an application known as ‘Podcaster’ into the iTunes App Store.  Podcaster allowed users to stream and download podcasts over an Internet connection without having to access them via iTunes.  This proved to be an especially useful tool if you knew that you weren’t going to be able to access iTunes on your home computer for a while.  Apple, however, wasn’t as enthusiastic.

The reason behind Apple’s refusal to let the app in was that the app duplicated functionality already present in iTunes – namely, being able to download podcasts.  Critics immediately shot back and pointed out that a number apps that mimic Apple applications had already been accepted into the app store.  Not only did Apple refuse to budge, but it soon added some of Podcaster’s functionality to iTunes!

Well, the ‘drama’ has finally come to an end as Podcaster is now available for download in the app store, though it’s now being called by a different name – RSS Player.  Why, you ask?  Well, in order to get the app into the app store, the developer had to make certain concessions.  For example, users are not allowed to search for podcasts via the app itself, but instead must subscribe to the RSS feeds of those podcasts they would like to download.  Hence, the name.

You can download Podcaster from the iTunes App Store overe here.


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