Apple sued again over 3G speeds

Thu, Jan 29, 2009

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Apple is being sued again.  Shocking, really.  This time,  Jason Medway of California is taking App to task over allegations that the iPhone 3G has an inherent glitch that prevents it from staying on 3G networks and thus kicks users down to the slower speed Edge network.

Surprisingly, and perhaps an indication of what this Medway guy is truly after ($$), AT&T is not a named party to the suit.  Medway accuses Apple of continuing to advertise the speed of the iPhone 3G while it ignores, he claims, numerous complaints of shoddy and ongoing iPhone 3G performance issues.  Maybe Medway has bigger ears than we do, but ever since Apple released a software update for the iPhone in September, complaints about iPhone performance have been few and far in between.  And call us old fashioned, but whatever happened to returning a product you weren’t satisfied with it?  When did litigation become everybody’s knee-jerk reaction to everything?

Digressions aside, AppleInsider has more on the story over here.

P.S You better not disagree with me.  I might sue you.


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  1. 411macjunkie Says:

    This is nothing new. How many times does Apple get sued for something every month. This guy seems like he just wants a quick buck.

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