iTunes now lets users decide which tracks they want to upgrade to DRM Free

Thu, Jan 29, 2009


When Apple recently announced that its entire iTunes Store would soon be going DRM free, users had the option to upgrade their previously purchased and DRM laden music for 30 cents a song.  There was sort of a backlash, though, as customers complained that they either had to upgrade their entire library, or not upgrade at all.  A user with over 1000 downloaded songs would have to pay $300 dollars to remove the DRM from his iTunes library, even if he only wanted to remove the DRM from 4 songs.

Well, Apple has heeded the calls for change, and starting today, users can now pick and choose which songs in particular they want to upgrade to DRM free via iTunes Plus.  It still costs 30 cents a song, but users now have the option of deciding which songs are actually worth upgrading.


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