New iPhone Model in the works?

Thu, Jan 29, 2009

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MacRumors recently discovered code in the iPhone’s latest firmware suggesting that Apple is working on a significant hardware upgrade to the iPhone. The original iPhone model number was “1,1” and the iPhone 3G model number was “1,2”. The model number found by MacRumors is “2,1”, which suggests that a significant upgrade is in the works. A similar pattern was found when Apple significantly upgraded the hardware specs on the iPod Touch.

On a related note, a web vendor has recorded getting web visits from the new iPhone “2,1” model, suggesting that Apple is ramping up testing on a new model which, according to some analysts, is expected to either be announced or released in June.

What sort of upgrades can we expect to see in the next iteration of the iPhone?¬† MacRumors speculates that the next iPhone model will support¬† “multi-Core CPUs and possibly Multi-Core GPUs from Imagination Technologies” and that “Apple has been building a team of chip engineers over the past year to participate in their own ARM processor designs that will presumably be used in future iPhones”



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