What do you get from a $5 GarageBand Artist Lesson?

Thu, Jan 29, 2009


Apparently quite a bit.  Gizmodo goes in-depth and reports that the Artist Lessons from GarageBand are worth the 5 bucks Apple is charging.  Our copy of iLife ’09 is still in the mail, so we need to rely on the reviews of others to satiate us in the meantime!

Gizmodo’s final take:

So is it worth $5? It depends on your perspective. A song runs $1 on iTunes (which most of us consider decent) while a 2-hour movie is $10+. Technically, this is just 24 minutes of content. But given its clean presentation and the real replay value, at your own pace, alongside a celebrity to make it all a little sexier, I’m going with yes.

I was pretty certain the Artist Lessons were just a cheap and trendy Apple gimmick when announced at the Macworld. But there’s some real love in GarageBand’s Learn to Play interface that is well-suited for celebrities to show up and teach you to jam. Apple hasn’t committed to just how many Artist Lessons they will release moving forward, but if they can develop a reasonably sized library of musicians/music, I could see the platform growing into something very, very interesting.


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