iPhone reaches 1% market share in worldwide cellphone market

Sun, Feb 1, 2009


When Steve Jobs first introduced the iPhone in 2007, he pointed out that the market for cellphones worldwide was far greater than the market for any other type of consumer electronic device.  Apple’s goal with the iPhone, Jobs went on to say, was to achieve a 1% market share in the cellphone market in 2008.

Now, a report from ABI Research indicates that Apple did in fact meet its goal for cellphone market share, coming in with a 1.1% market share for all cellphones worldwide. The top spots in terms of market share were occupied by all the usual suspects. Nokia phones comprised 38.6% of the cellphone market, and Samsung phones took up the second spot with 16.2%. Meanwhile, Motorola continues to trend downwards, and in 2008 its phones comprised 8.3% of the entire cellphone market worldwide – a significant decline that can partly be attributed to the fact that much of Motorola’s lineup is comprised of low-end phones that are quickly taking a backseat to the popularity of smartphones. BlackBerry’s, in contrast, continued to proliferate in markets worldwide, and attained a 1.9% market share in the entire cellphone market.


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