Apple-themed area at CES ’10 more than quadruples in size due to overwhelming interest

Mon, Feb 2, 2009


When Apple announced that 2009 would be its last year at Macworld, CES pounced at the opportunity to reach out to Mac software developers and accessory makers in an attempt to convince them to migrate over to CES in 2010 – and so far, according to CES officials, the initiative is off to a resounding success.

The Apple-centric area set to debut at CES next year is aptly called an “iLounge”, and interest from developers and manufacturers has been so high that organizers have been forced to more than quadruple the initial allotted floorspace for the iLounge. According to a report from Terranet, CES officials initially planned the iLounge area to encompass an area of approximately 4,000 square feet, but due to overwhelming interest, officials are now proposing that the iLounge area occupy 18,000 square feet.

According to CEA official Karen Chupka:

We have received an incredible response from companies interested in exhibiting in the iLounge Pavilion at the 2010 International CES. In fact, the original space allocated for the pavilion sold out in less than one week — a CES show record.

Wow. That’s impressive no matter how you look at it. It remains to be seen, though, how an Apple-related section at CES 2010 will affect Macworld attendance, which is scheduled to run during the same week.


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