4 new lawsuits against Apple over 3G speeds

Tue, Feb 3, 2009

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AppleInsider reports on the nature of the lawsuits:

They, too, cite the conclusions of Swedish engineering weekly Ny Teknik that some phones aren’t sensitive enough to 3G signals and boost their own signal to compensate, creating the network conflict.

Successive and independent evaluations contradict this theory, however, concluding that the iPhone 3G does not suffer from hardware issues but rather congested and inadequate wireless networks.

The filings spend several pages reprinting comments from blog posts and messageboards, including one customer who posted on Wired, “I have a brand new [iPhone 3G], and my home is inside an AT&T 3G coverage map (suburban area) and I NEVER get 3G reception. The iPhone flickers “3G” for a second or two and then it’s all Edge all the way.”

This is getting ridiculous.  These lawsuits appear to be rooted in the desire to make a quick buck, and are laughably based on comments from blog posts and message boards.  Incidentally, since Apple released a software update for the iPhone in September, the blogosphere and message boards have essentially been quiet regarding iPhone 3G speeds and reception.

Call me old fashioned, but what ever happened to returning or exchanging an item that you aren’t happy with?  When legal action is the first resort any time anyone scratches a product, we’re all in big trouble.  As for the merit of the lawsuits themselves, they all seem to lack any substantive claims that would cause Apple to worry.  I wouldn’t be surprised if they’re all dismissed via summary judgment.

Lastly, and as I’ve warned before, don’t disagree with me in the comments — I might sue you!

AppleInsider has more on the story over here.



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