Is Apple working on an iPhone with multi-core chips?

Thu, Feb 5, 2009

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IntoMobile has an interesting article detailing a few reasons why it thinks Apple’s next gen iPhone will include customized multi-core chips.

The next major overhaul of the iPhone platform might just see the iPhone coming into its own as a graphics-savvy gaming platform. Apple has been confirmed to have licensed PowerVR graphics technologies from Imagination Technologies in a bid to turn the iPhone into a data-crunching and gaming phenom the likes of which dedicated gaming consoles would cower beneath…

What’s important here is Apple’s motivation for wanting to have complete control over chip design. Simply put, Apple wants to incorporate multi-core functionality into future iPhone chips. And, the only way to ensure that future processors will meet Apple’s exacting standards was to buy their own chip-design firm and crank out their own chips. Customized chips would also help differentiate the iPhone lineup from most other mobile phones on market.

Apple recently announced their new multi-core, parallel-processing technology called “Grand Central.” The technology was developed to help future version of Mac OS X (like Snow Leopard) to more effectively leverage the multi-core processors that are used throughout Apple’s computer lineup. But, it has more far-reaching implications for the iPhone. The iPhone’s iPhone OS is based on the Mac OS and will likely work with Grand Central technology.

The article is well worth a read, and can be found here.


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