Palm hires ex-Apple guy as manger of its Palm Pre developer community

Mon, Feb 9, 2009


Former Apple employee Chuq Von Rospach recently accepted a position at Palm where he will serve as the Developer Community Manager for the Palm Pre SDK.  Apple’s app store is already off to a commanding lead, and the Palm Pre, which doesn’t launch for another few months, will have to play a significant amount of catchup right from the start.  That said, having a point man at Palm to correspond and interact with the developer community is clearly a step in the right direction.

Von Rospach has written before about how important it is for companies to interact in a pro-active manner with customers, and Apple has particularly been criticized in this regard for how it’s handled the acceptance and rejection of iPhone applications.  Chief among the litany of complaints has been the lack of any concrete or consistent guidelines from Apple about what constitutes an acceptable program.  Palm, however, appears to be handling things a bit differently, and reaching out to developers can only be a positive thing for developers and consumers alike.

Admittedly, this isn’t jaw-dropping news, but we’ve been longtime fans of Chuq’s blog (which we highly recommend), so we thought we’d give him a shout-out of sorts and wish him well as he begins his new life at Palm!

Related: Check out Chuq’s recent and interesting article for the Guardian about his life inside Apple over here.


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