Quicktime Pro features to be integrated into Snow Leopard?

Mon, Feb 9, 2009

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For some time now, many of the more powerful Quicktime features have only been available to users who chose to upgrade to Apple’s Quicktime Pro for $29.99.  Now, MacRumors is reporting that Apple’s latest seed of Snow Leopard suggests that Apple will be doing away with the Quicktime upgrade for good, and will instead be implementing a number of the Quicktime Pro features into Snow Leopard.

Users of the upgraded version of Quicktime were granted more control over export settings, the ability to make rudimentary edits to video files, and a host of other features.  Over time though, many of these features soon became available on a number of other programs that were either cheaper, or free to download.  That said, if Apple is indeed giving end users access to the ‘Pro’ features, it can only be seen a good move.  Not only will it give users more functionality right out of the box, but it serves as an advertisable feature for “Snow Leopard” which, as has been reported endlessly, will focus more on under-the-hood enhancements to OS X.


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