51% of all smartphone web traffic comes from iPhones

Sat, Feb 14, 2009


New data released by AdMob indicates that 51% of all web requests from smartphones come from iPhones.

ArsTechnica reports:

For those curious, AdMob doesn’t measure raw market share. Instead, it measures the percentage of 2.9 billion ad requests that come from a particular device for ads served via one of its 6,000 or so network members. In the US, 29 percent of those requests came from Apple devices. The iPhone and iPod touch are the number one and number two devices respectively, with 17 percent from the iPhone and 12 percent from the iPod touch. Among just smartphone devices, the iPhone garners a commanding 51 percent of requests, with BlackBerrys taking 19 percent and T-mobile’s G1 Android phone getting just three percent.

Check out the full story with accompanying graphs over here.



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