“Palm Pre to Receive Flash Support in 2009”

Mon, Feb 16, 2009


Palm announced today that flash will be coming to the Palm Pre in 2009.  PC Mag reports:

Adobe Flash 10 will be integrated into the Palm Pre‘s browser sometime in 2009, the company said Monday. Adobe also inaugurated a $10 million fund for Flash application development and showed a new Adobe Reader Mobile SDK which will bring advanced PDF functionality to both e-book readers and phones.

Check out the full story over here.

Supposedly, Adobe is also working with Apple to bring flash to the iPhone, but for a variety of reasons, we remain skeptical as to how badly Apple really wants to incorporate flash on the iPhone.  In a previous article on the topic, we wrote:

Second, the App Store is fast becoming the key selling point of the iPhone, so why would Apple enable flash on the iPhone as it would only create an avenue for users to entertain themselves outside of the app store.  Why pay and download iFart if you could attain the same functionality for free from a flash app online?

Third, once you introduce flash, a number of potential problems arise that would inevitaly affect the user experience, something Apple will never compromise on.  Even if Adobe is able to clear some of the technical hurdles it faces, when happens when iPhone users trying to view a flash enabled video on the web get an error message saying that they don’t have the most recent version of flash installed?  Inevitably, they’ll attribute the ‘glitch’ to the iPhone.  Apple, as with all its products, likes to control the entire device, and loathes the idea of relying on other companies to complete part of the user experience puzzle.


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