Apple updates Apple TV, removes 3rd party add-ons such as Boxee

Wed, Feb 25, 2009


Apple released software update 2.3.1 for the Apple TV late Tuesday evening.  Notably, the update appears to have removed all third party add-ons, including the much beloved Boxee.  First Hulu, and now this?!  Boxee can’t catch a break.

Apple has yet to release specific details about the update on its support page, but it should probably be updated soon.  We think.

Hopefully any Boxee fans out there made sure to turn off auto-updates beforehand.



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  1. D9 Says:

    Since it’s only a minor x.x.1 update, I’d say that’s probably the only thing that’s changed to the Apple TV.

    Usually any substantial updates, even x.1, will have features Apple wants to promote, like 2.3’s streaming, 3rd-party remotes & volume control.

    Needless to say, but I won’t be updating my Apple TV and lose Boxee…it’s one of the most essential aspects of it now.


  2. Ike Says:

    Boxee works fine with the Apple TV 2.3.1 release, and Apple did nothing to try and “break” Boxee here. Every Apple TV update replaces the hard drive partition that the Apple TV software is installed in. Because the entire partition is replaced, anything else placed there by the user (Boxee) is also gone. Just reinstall Boxee like after every Apple TV software release and it still works great…

  3. Alroy Gibson Says:

    That’s great if we really can reinstall Boxee after this update.

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