Steve Jobs still planning on June return, says Apple director at shareholder meeting

Wed, Feb 25, 2009


Apple today held its annual shareholder meeting, and for the first time since he returned to the company in 1997, Steve Jobs wasn’t in attendance.  This, of course, isn’t too noteworthy considering that Jobs is on a voluntary medical leave for the next few months.  Predictably, however, one investor at the meeting decided to bring up Jobs’ health anyways, and in response, Apple director Arthur Levinson noted that there have been no changes to Jobs expected June return to the company. 

Hopefully this will put to rest some of the asinine rumors floating around about Jobs’ health, which are largely the result of a recently published and absurd article about how Jobs isn’t chatting online much anymore.

In other shareholder meeting news, all 8 members of Apple’s board of directors were re-elected.  Also, and in typical fashion, a number of shareholder initiated proposals were spurned by Apple as being ‘un-necessary.’

Basically, it’s business as usual over in Cupertino.


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