iTunes App Store keeps on chugging along with over 25,000 apps

Fri, Mar 6, 2009


The iTunes app store continues to grow at an impressive rate as the number of available applications surpassed 25,000 earlier this week.  To put that into context, in mid-January Apple announced in a series of advertisements that the app store had over 15,000 applications.  So in less than 2 months, the number of applications has already increased by more than 50%.

What’s even more impressive than the 25,000 milestone is the fact that application growth in the iTunes app store continues to accelerate.  That being the case, upcoming online stores from competing companies like RIM, Palm, Microsoft, and Nokia will undoubtedly face a huge uphill battle as they attempt to carve out their own successful online app stores.

Interestingly, Venture Beat calculated that if you were to purchase every single app on the app store, it would cost you $71,442.69.  That averages out to roughly $2.85 an app.

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