Palm Investor Roger McNamee talks about the Palm Pre [Video]

Mon, Mar 9, 2009


Check out this interview that Bloomberg did with Palm investor Roger McNamee as he discusses the upcoming Palm Pre.

In the interview, McNamee acknowledges that the BlackBerry is the king of corporate email and that the iPhone is the king of music and movie playback. What I find interesting is that McNamee proceeds to position the Palm Pre as a device whose niche will be for people who are extremely busy. Now I’ve seen some video of the Palm Pre in action, and the way it manages scheduling related activities is extremely slick. What McNamee is overlooking, I feel, is that the average consumer isn’t so busy as to justify buying a phone just to help them plan out their day. The average consumer is a lot more likely to look for a phone with the best multimedia capabilities, one that will actually give them a significant level of enjoyment. I mean, It’s no coincidence that nearly 25% of all downloaded iPhone apps are games.

From the looks of it, the Palm Pre is poised to be a great device, but after hearing McNamee highlight the Pre as a device geared for busy individuals, its more likely to draw away BlackBerry users than iPhone users.

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