Rumor: MMS and Tethering to be included in iPhone OS 3.0 update?

Thu, Mar 12, 2009

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BoyGeniusReport, citing unnamed sources, reports that the upcoming iPhone 3.0 update will introduce MMS and tethering capabilities.

MMS has long been a desired feature for iPhone users, and as any critic will readily tell you, it’s even a standard feature on phones that are over 6 years old.  Some have speculated that Apple initially nixed MMS because they wanted to ‘encourage’ users to send photos via the Mail app on the iPhone.

Tethering, if you recall, was initially enabled via an app in the iTunes app store, but Apple subsequently removed it, presumably due to bandwidth concerns from AT&T.  In the likelihood that BGR is correct, and tethering is announced, it will most likely come with a small monthly fee to cover AT&T’s bandwidth concerns.

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