Enough about the iPod Shuffle DRM! (Mini rant included)

Mon, Mar 16, 2009

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MacWorld reports on the mysterious chip pertaining to the iPod Shuffle:

An Apple spokesman confirmed the presence of the chip to Macworld. “As part of the Made for iPod program, we make sure that third party headphones work properly with the third generation iPod shuffle,” the spokesman said.

However, there is no DRM in this new control chip, according to Monster Cable’s Kevin Lee, who added, “In fact, it’s not even authentication. It just gives us a way to control the iPod.”

Basically, this is no different than the already existent “Made for iPod” program currently used by Apple.

Time for a rant:

It’s crazy how people will magnify a seemingly minor issue into a launching pad for “Apple is evil” style attacks.  Gimme a break.  If you don’t like Apple’s headphones, then don’t buy the shuffle.  If you don’t want to spend extra money on third party headphones, then don’t buy the shuffle.  I mean, goddamn, how many people who are out there complaining were even planning on getting a shuffle in the first place?  I bet not many.  And as for these DRM crusaders, they really need to pick their battles more selectively.  I mean, this isn’t like Microsoft forcing 95% of all computer users in the 90’s to use Internet Explorer.  This is a f’n iPod Shuffle!!  Don’t like it?  Don’t buy it.  DRM isn’t necessarily always bad either.  It’s sort of like a knife in that it can be used to kill, or to help (like a scalpel), and people need to realize that DRM is sometimes necessary.  I mean, without DRM, the iPod would have never even had a chance to succeed, and we’d still be paying $18 bucks for a 12 song CD at Borders.  Again, DRM crusaders need to pick their battles.  This iPod Shuffle headphone ‘controversy’ is just nonsense.  Don’t people have anything better to do?  Well, I apparently don’t since I’m ranting about it, so maybe I shouldn’t be bitching about this in the first place.  Oh, the hypocrisy!

Okay, ranting done.


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  1. Kevin J. Weise Says:

    It’s too bad you missed pointing out in your rant that what the chip does for the new iPod shuffle isn’t even DRM. There’s no encoding/decoding of music. The digital stream isn’t even affected. It’s all about relocating the controls from the body of the iPod to the headphones. The chip is so the controls on the earbuds can communicate (digitally) with the iPod shuffle body. It’s called data link communications. Anybody who doesn’t get that is a ignorant of digital communications. Anybody who knows digital communications but still insists on ranting about it being DRM is a moron.

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