Will Apple announce a tablet tomorrow?

Mon, Mar 16, 2009

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Seth Weintraub over at 9to5Mac suggestsa few plausible reasons that would have Apple announcing a tablet tomorrow at their special media event.  Rumors of a premium section on the app store have been making the rounds the past few weeks, but its clear that iPhone users would have a natural aversion towards paying $20 for most applications.  So if a premium section of the app store is in fact in the works, an Apple tablet all of a sudden makes a lot more sense.  And lets not forget that Apple has recently been buying up 10 inch touchscreens from the same manufacturer that produces its iPhone screens.  Hmm…

If there is a tablet with higher resolution/independence, developers are going to need a few months to tweak their apps for launch.   What if that $20 minimum Premium App Store happens to be for higher resolution apps?

Tomorrow, Apple is expected to reveal new and juicy details about its forthcoming iPhone 3.0 software update, but Weintraub speculates that it might also be a chance for Apple to give developers a heads up about its upcoming tablet.  If we assume that a tablet will be launched this summer, Weintraub points out that

…Apple will probably want some software to run on it…probably even an App Store.  If so, developers will need at least a few months to get their apps to run on this new little device.  That means they should probably start right about now.

It kinda makes sense.  What do you guys think?

Check out Weintraub’s full analysis on the matter over here.

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