iPhone OS 3.0 hints at more iPhone, iPod Touch models

Thu, Mar 19, 2009

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BoyGeniusReport has dug up information which hints at a variety of iPhone and iPod Touch models:

Basically when poking around in the iPhone OS 3.0 restore ramdisk, our guy found evidence of Apple’s upcoming hardware revisions. This includes new iPhones and iPod Touches. Yes, it looks like multiple hardware units. Now, this shouldn’t be taken as fact — we’re posting it for information sake. If we had to bet however, this seems right on. From our guy:

“Apple normally makes their device IDs in chronological order, from first released to last released. Here is what I found very interesting for you. Quick, here is an example of the past devices:

iPhone First Gen – 0×1290
iPod touch 1G – 0×1291
iPhone 3G – 0×1292
iPod touch 2G – 0×1293

Then, here is what is found in the ramdisk:

iPhone2,1 – 0×1294
iProd0,1 – 0×1295
iPod2,2 – 0×1296
iPhone3,1 – 0×1297
iFPGA – 0×1298
iPod3,1 – 0×1299″

As you can see, there are multiple new hardware IDs listed which makes us believe there will be more than one new iPhone model, and there also looks like there is more than one iPod Touch as well.


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