Why Scott Moritz is an idiot

Tue, Mar 24, 2009


Usually when I come across an asinine article from an established website, I title it “So and so gets paid to write for <Insert Publication>?’  But I thought I’d spicen things up a bit this time and call a spade a spade.  Scott Moritz may very well be a smart guy, but he’s clearly un-qualified to make an intelligent analysis about Apple, and when he tries, he comes off as a moron.  Straight up.

In his latest piece, Moritz argues that a product Apple has never announced even exists will be an overpriced flop.

The company will unveil a 10-inch touch-screen tablet computer sometime this year, say analysts. Not only does Apple want to showcase its design prowess, the company desperately needs a new hit to revitalize its computer line-up. Mac sales fell 16% from year-ago levels last month.

No question, the tablet will dazzle Apple fans who typically don’t think twice about paying upwards of $2,000 for the latest, greatest Mac. But beyond the core fan base, Apple will discover what other PC makers have known for a while: Consumers find big tablets hard to swallow.

One prediction: The Apple tablet, instead of being a stunning iPhone-like innovation, will probably end up with a fate more like the MacBook Air. Remember that blade-thin metal-design, $2,400 laptop? It’s sitting at No. 52 on the Amazon bestselling notebook list. The tablet will be lucky to fall anywhere in the top 100.

It’s impossible to really refute, or even process an argument literally pulled out of thin air.  I mean, if Moritz hypothetically predicted that an Apple branded Microwave would be an overpriced flop, how could one rationally respond considering that no one has any idea about what an Apple Microwave might look like, what features it might have, and at what price Apple might sell it for.  Likewise, Moritz has no idea what Apple might come out with in the coming months, yet he clearly feels qualified to predict that this as of yet non-existent and featureless product will be a dud.  Maybe his middle name is Nostradamus.

Not surprisingly, Moritz works for TheStreet.com, which was co-founded by Jim Cramer, a guy who’s been known to purposefully spread false Apple rumors whenever the mood strikes.


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