It’s Official: Apple inks iPhone deal with China Unicom

Wed, Mar 25, 2009


The iPhone is finally coming to China.

China Unicom on Wednesday confirmed that they have signed a deal with Apple to officially bring the iPhone to China starting on May 17th. China Unicom has over 150 million phone subscribers, and is the second largest mobile provider in China, coming in behind China Mobile which has over 600 million subscribers.

ChinaTechNews reports:

Under the agreement, China Unicom will reportedly give a certain amount of subsidies to the users of iPhone and will share the profits from iPhone’s value-added services with Apple. In return, Apple will also make some compromises and its iPhone products in China can only be used with China Unicom’s SIM cards. Apple is apparently currently testing the compatibility between its iPhone products and the WCDMA network of China Unicom as well as making preparation for the software localization.


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