Futurama’s Love Affair with Apple

Tue, Mar 31, 2009

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  1. racy_rick Says:

    Have you seen Matt Groening’s advertisement:


  2. Boutique Accommodation Says:

    Man it would be fun writing an episode for this show and trying to work out how you could integrate mac messages into the storyline.

  3. A Ruse Seem Likeable Says:

    That video has an edited version of Apple’s 1984 at the end. Notice the runner/hammerthrow lady is wearing an iPod.

  4. Mark Says:

    Nice retcon of the iPod into the Apple ad! Made me do a double take. 🙂

  5. DanaKaZ Says:

    In “Fry and the slurmfactory” we see that Benders cpu has the same product number as the cpu in the first Apple 2: 6502.

  6. Epic Fail Says:

    This whole time I have been watching Futurama, I am never noticed that it was referring to Apple. Very good eye’s mister author.

  7. Futurama Episode Says:

    Wow, I didnt even notice this at all lol, Altough I havnt seen many episodes, I still wouldnt have picked up on this.

    Go mac!

  8. Television VOYEUR Says:

    Picked up on a few of those – didn’t notice the stock exchange one.

  9. datdamonfoo Says:

    Too bad Macs suck. Maybe Futurama wouldn’t have been canceled if it used Windows.

  10. Allie Says:

    Lol nice compilation. I loved the scene with the “Sorry, a system error occurred.”

  11. scott Says:

    Yeah, datdamonfoo. Futurama uses Windows. That makes sense.

  12. Neil Anderson Says:

    And drawing the Macs would be fun, too.

  13. Alex Says:

    “When the Mac freezes up, one of the character suggests in a bit of uber mac nerd humor, “Try control-alt-delete.””

    Which is a Windows command. Command-Option Escape is the Mac equivalent.

  14. Tara Says:

    Great piece. i’ve loved apple since my first game of pong! poor obama when he got to the white house and discovered all the pcs with 9 year old windows software! they couldn’t even get emails for two hours. this town needs a serious technology upgrade–all the cool stuff goes to the military.

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