CNBC reporter is pissed at Amazon for introducing new Kindle

Wed, May 6, 2009


Michelle Caruso-Cabrera of CNBC is pretty pissed that Amazon had the audacity to come out with a new and improved Kindle after the second model was released just 3 months ago. And because she hates buying tech products that will inevitably be supplanted by superior models, she writes that she hasn’t bought an iPod in years.

Apple does practice product cannibalization and self-inflicted obsolescence. But you know what? I haven’t bought an i-pod in years for that very reason. I worry that the very second I buy it, the new, better one, is right around the corner. The i-pod ends up in my mental product pergatory, and Apply doesn’t get my money.

And Dennis is wrong on something else: Amazon is NOT a technology company. It is a RETAILER. And retailers need to worry about keeping customers happy. Amazon has a loyal customer following because it has great service and caters to customers needs. It should think about keeping customers long-term.

Caruso-Cabrera goes on to say that if Amazon doesn’t let her replace her old Kindle with the newest model, that she’ll start looking at competing products.


While I can certainly understand the frustration in purchasing an expensive tech product that soon becomes “obsolete”, so to speak, that’s the way technology works these days. It can suck at times, but what does Cabrera want Amazon to do.. Wait until she’s ready to purchase a new model, all at the expense of other customers who can’t wait to get their hands on the new larger-screen Kindle?

It’s funny how tech consumers have a tendency to act narcissistic in certain situations. How dare Company X come out with a new model.. don’t they realize how that annoys me?!

And a final shout-out to MacDailyNews for delivering a hilarious zinger at Cabrera’s expense:

It’s a good thing we’re not all as vapid as Michelle Caruso-Cabrera or we’d still be sitting around rubbing sticks together trying to light our fire while bitching about that weird guy who’s chiseling out something he calls a “wheel.”


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