Report: AT&T looking to implement $10 price cut for monthly iPhone plans

Thu, May 7, 2009

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Analyst Michael Cote, an industry pricing strategist from Cote Collaborative, says there’s a “strong possibility” that AT&T will implement a $10 price cut in its monthly iPhone rate plan. This price cut, says Cote, will coincide with Apple’s upcoming WWDC.

But before you jump for joy and start plotting how you might want to spend your extra $10 bucks a month, consider the following:

  • The source of the above rumor is from TheStreet.Com (Which Jim Cramer helped found)
  • The writer is Scott Moritz (Not too sharp when it comes to Apple reporting)
  • The analyst shares the same name as the company he works for, which is always suspect (i.e The Enderle Group)

So with that in mind, take the $10 price cut with a grain of salt.

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