Nokia app store to debut with 20,000 titles

Fri, May 8, 2009


Nokia is planning to roll out its Ovi Store later this month as it tries to emulate the success Apple has had with the iTunes App Store which reached its 1 Billionth downloaded app just a few weeks ago.

Forbes reports:

As the world’s largest handset maker, Nokia is used to big launches. The store, which the company is calling Ovi Store after the Finnish word for “door,” is no exception. Niklas Savander, Nokia’s executive vice president of services, says it will debut with a catalog of 20,000 items. In comparison, Apple and RIM launched their stores with a few hundred apps; Google’s opened with a few dozen.

Users can access the store two different ways. It will ship pre-loaded on the company’s new flagship handset, the N97, before July, and be included in phones released in the future. Consumers who own other, recent Nokia phones will also be able to download the store from the Web onto their handsets.

It should be pointed out that 20,000 titles doesn’t equal 20,000 applications. Rather, the term “titles”, as Nokia uses it, is an all encompassing term that includes all media content, from apps to music to movies.

So it’s sorta striving to be like iTunes. 6 years later.


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