Lame Apple article of the day

Sun, May 10, 2009


And the award goes to “The iPhone’s secret silicon: A need to know?” from CNET.

The article starts off with a simple question:

The precise specifications for many iPhone chips are murky. Should Apple be more open about its secret ingredients?

Answer: Who cares.

The article continues,

Here’s my point: Am I getting a smartphone with a Samsung, Texas Instruments, Qualcomm, Freescale, Nvidia or Intel processor? As high-end smartphones proliferate (such as those based on Intel’s upcoming “Moorestown” processor), it would be useful to know up front who makes the applications processor and other core silicon and what the rated performance-per-watt of that chip is.

Performance per watt?!  Would anybody in their right mind make a purchasing decision based on that metric?  A better question would be, “Am I getting a smartphone that I enjoy using and that has all the important features I need in a smartphone?”


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