Hacker claims to have hacked into Steve Jobs Amazon account

Thu, May 14, 2009


Cult of Mac is reporting that a hacker was able to gain access to Steve Jobs Amazon account through a carefully crafted, yet fake, email from Amazon that installed a keylogger on his system.

The hacker is trying to sell details of Jobs’ Amazon.com account to journalists, including Jobs’ purchase history for several years and his credit card number.

According to the hacker, who identifies himself as “orin0co,” Jobs is an avid online shopper. Jobs has purchased 20,000 items from Amazon.com in the last 10 years, the hacker says. That’s 2,000 items a year, or more than 5 items a day, every day.

The hacker is purportedly shopping around the info to the highest bidder, but no one just yet seems to have taken the bait. 

But assuming that the hacker did in fact gain access to Jobs’ Amazon account, are people even that interested in his purchase history?

Cult of Mac has a lot more on the story over here, including actual emails from the ‘hacker’ himself.


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