iPod designer Jonathan Ive ranked #1 creative person in Business

Tue, May 19, 2009


Jonathan Ive, Apple’s Senior VP of Industrial Design, was listed as the most creative person in Business in an un-scientific listing put together by Fast Company.  Ive, of course, has a number of iconic Apple designs to his credit, including the original iPod, the Bondi Blue iMac, and the iPhone.

[..] no one is in a better position to explain Ive’s impact on Apple and the business community than Robert Brunner, who, as Apple’s previous design chief, hired Ive at the company and recommended him as his successor. “He likes to make perfect stuff,” says Brunner, offering the first of three keys to Ive’s success. That design perfection — the first touch-screen smartphone, the dominant MP3 player, the first titanium laptop — has become the benchmark by which companies in all industries judge themselves…

The second key is Ive’s understanding of the interplay between design and manufacturing. Even when Ive was just out of school, before he joined Apple, Brunner recalls, “he showed us his work, and I was amazed. He had taken a phone and come up with a radical design, but it was so refined it could have been manufactured right then.”

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