Report: Apple planning 3 iPhone models, working on wider screen iPod Nano

Tue, May 26, 2009

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Citing a trusted source, iLounge reports that Apple will release 3 different iPhone models that will be dependant on the speed of the relevant network.  Specifically, those in countries with advanced networks will receive iPhones that can handle speeds of up to 7.2Mbps, while every other country will stay put with iPhone models that can support speeds of up to 3.6Mbps, which is what the current iPhone 3G can handle.  The third iPhone in this equation is a model specific to China.  If you recall, Apple has been trying to get the iPhone into China for quite some time now, but has continuously run into barriers in the form of demands from Chinese carriers.  While it remains unclear what a China specific iPhone model entails, the draconian nature of the Chinese government makes a specially tailored iPhone model a necessity.  As an example, China prohibits the sale of mobile devices that come equipped with Wi-Fi.

The same source cited above also dropped a hint to iLounge about a new revision to the iPod Nano which would see the minuscule music player sport a larger screen and a camera located on the back.

the screen gets widened to a 1.5:1 aspect ratio, but still retains the Click Wheel of all prior nano models—in other words, no touchscreen controls this year for the iPod nano. The Click Wheel shifts down further on the new nano’s body, shrinks a little, and sees the size of the center Action button decrease as well. Finally, there’s a camera on the back in an unusual location, one which conceivably might be blocked by hands… except when the iPod nano is corner-gripped for photography. It will debut at the same time as the new iPod touch, between July and September. Our gut feeling is September.


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