Photos show autofocus and digital compass features on the new iPhone

Sat, May 30, 2009

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Photos found on a Chinese language website purport to show the autofocus and digital compass features expected to be a part of the upcoming iPhone. We’re not sure how much credence to give these photos, but if true, the implementation of autofocus means that there’s at least one next-gen iPhone floating around in the wild.

According to the website, putting your finger on a specific part of the screen moves the blue box seen above, and subsequently moves the camera’s focus.

Pictured below is what appears to be the iPhones magnetometer (or digital compass if that’s how you roll) in action.

More photos of other features such as MMS functionality can be seen over here.

via iPhoneAlley


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  1. Bar Mitzvah Photographer Says:

    I’m surprised that it would allow you to touch anywhere on the screen to allow you to focus. First, it seems a little awkward (not very, but a little, and the face recognition/focus on face technology seems more elegant). Second, auto-focus technology used to require hardware built in for every possible auto-focus point. That might be old technology though.

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